Capranica, Laura|Monsivais, Pablo|Holdsworth, Michelle|Maes, Lea|Langøien, Lars Jørun × Peer reviewed ×
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  1. Developing a systems-based framework of the factors influencing dietary and physical activity behaviours in ethnic minority populations living in Europe - a DEDIPAC study

    Holdsworth, Michelle, Nicolaou, Mary, Langøien, Lars Jørun, Osei-Kwasi, Hibbah, Chastin, Sebastien F.M., Stok, F. Marijn, Capranica, Laura, Lien, Nanna, Terragni, Laura, Monsivais, Pablo, Mazzocchi, Mario, Maes, Lea, Roos, Gun, Mejean, Caroline, Powell, Katie, Stronks, Karien ()
  2. Views of policy makers and Health promotion professionals on factors facilitating implementation and maintenance of interventions and policies promoting physical activity and healthy eating: results of the DEDIPAC project

    Muellmann, Saskia, Steenbock, Berit, De Cocker, Katrien, De Craemer, Marieke, Hayes, Catherine, O’Shea, Miriam, Horodyska, Karolina, Bell, Justyna, Luszczynska, Aleksandra, Roos, Gun, Langøien, Lars Jørun, Rugseth, Gro, Terragni, Laura, De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse, Brug, Johannes, Pischke, Claudia ()