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Change in psychotropic drug use in Norwegian nursing homes between 2004 and 2011

Selbæk, Geir, Janus, Sarah I. M., Bergh, Sverre, Engedal, Knut, Ruths, Sabine, Helvik, Anne-Sofie, Saltyte-Benth, Jurate, Zuidema, Sytse U. (Cambridge University Press 2017-10-09)

A Norwegian 15D value algorithm: proposing a new procedure to estimate 15D value algorithms

Michel, Yvonne Anne, Augestad, Liv Ariane, Barra, Georg Mathias Honore, Rand, Kim (Springer 2018-11-30)

Searching for ‘transformative moments’: a qualitative study of nurses’ work during home visits to COPD patients and their caregivers in Norway

Aasbø, Gunvor, Kristvik, Ellen Elisabeth, Solbrække, Kari Nyheim, Werner, Anne (Wiley 2018-10-09)

Trajectories of Depression in Late Life: A 1-Year Follow-Up Study

Borza, Tom, Engedal, Knut Arne, Bergh, Sverre, Saltyte-Benth, Jurate, Selbæk, Geir (Karger 2017-04)

The possible impact of vulnerability on clinical communication: Some reflections and a call for empirical studies

Gulbrandsen, Pål (Elsevier 2018-07-30)

Trolly dilemmas fail to predict ethical judgment in a hypothetical vaccination context

Dahl, Fredrik Andreas, Oftedal, Gry (SAGE 2018-11-01)

Physical diagnoses in nursing home residents - is dementia or severity of dementia of importance?

Jørgensen, Live Bredholt, Thorleifsson, Berit Marie, Selbæk, Geir, Saltyte-Benth, Jurate, Helvik, Anne-Sofie (BMC Springer 2018-10-22)

Changes in survival and characteristics among older stroke unit patients-1994 versus 2012

Labberton, Angela Susan, Rønning, Ole M., Thommessen, Bente, Barra, Georg Mathias Honore (Wiley 2018-11-25)

Characteristics of menstrual versus non-menstrual migraine during pregnancy: a longitudinal population-based study

Petrovski, Beata, Vetvik, Kjersti, Lundqvist, Anders Christofer, Eberhard-Gran, Malin (BMC Springer 2018-04-02)

The impact of attending day care designed for home-dwelling people with dementia on nursing home admission : a 24-month controlled study

Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork, Engeland, Knut Arne, Kirkevold, Øyvind, Saltyte-Benth, Jurate, Selbæk, Geir (BMC Springer 2018-11-16)

Patient safety culture in out-of-hours primary care services in the Netherlands: a cross-sectional survey

Smits, Marleen, Keizer, Ellen, Giesen, Paul, Deilkås, Ellen C Tveter, Hofoss, Dag, Bondevik, Gunnar Tschudi (Taylor & Francis 2018-01-15)

General population norms for the EQ-5D-3 L in Norway: comparison of postal and web surveys

Stavem, Knut, Augestad, Liv Ariane, Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø, Rand, Kim (BMC Springer 2018-10-19)

A hybrid discrete event agent based overdue pregnancy outpatient clinic simulation model

Viana, Joe, Simonsen, Tone Breines, Dahl, Fredrik Andreas, Flo, Kari (IEEE Press 2018-12)

Can depression in psychogeriatric inpatients at one year follow-up be explained by locus of control and coping strategies?

Bjørkløf, Guro Hanevold, Engedal, Knut Arne, Selbæk, Geir, Maia, Deborah Deborah Bezerra, Borza, Tom, Saltyte-Benth, Jurate, Helvik, Anne-Sofie (Taylor & Francis 2017-01-04)

Charlson comorbidity index derived from chart review or administrative data: Agreement and prediction of mortality in intensive care patients

Stavem, Knut, Hoel, Henrik, Skjaker, Stein Arve, Haagensen, Rolf E (Dove Medical Press 2017-06-02)

A prospective, quantitative study of mental health act assessments in England following the 2007 amendments to the 1983 act: Did the changes fulfill their promise?

Singh, Swaran P, Paul, Moli, Parsons, Helen, Burns, Tom, Pyrer, Peter, Fazel, Seena, Deb, Shoumitro, Islam, Zoebia, Rugkåsa, Jorun, Gajwani, Ruchika, Thana, Lavanya, Crawford, Michael J (BMC Springer 2017-07-10)

Exploring professionals’ understanding, interpretation and implementation of the ‘appropriate medical treatment test’ in the 2007 amendment of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Perry, B I, Champaneri, N, Griffiths, Francis, Moli, Paul, Islam, Zoebia, Rugkåsa, Jorun, Burns, Tom, Tyrer, Peter, Crawford, M, Deb, Shoumitro, Singh, Swaran P (Cambridge University Press 2018-01-02)

Coordination between primary and secondary care: the role of electronic messages and economic incentives

La Rocca, Antonella, Hoholm, Thomas (BMC Springer 2017-02-17)

Variations in patient safety climate and perceived quality of collaboration between professions in out-of-hours care

Klemenec-Ketis, Zalika, Deilkås, Ellen C Tveter, Hofoss, Dag, Bondevik, Gunnar Tschudi (Dove Medical Press 2017-11-09)

Patient safety culture in Slovenian out-of-hours primary care clinics

Klemenec-Ketis, Zalika, Deilkås, Ellen C Tveter, Hofoss, Dag, Bondevik, Gunnar Tschudi (De Gruyter 2017-10-09)