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Providing Patient-Centered and Coordinated Care: A Qualitative Study of Norwegian Cancer Coordinators’ Experiences of Enacting Their Role in Primary Health Care

Lie, Nataskja-Elena Kersting (OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Momentum of Coordination Reform: Changing Rehabilitation Policies and Practices? A Critical Discourse Analysis

Røberg, Anne-Stine Bergquist (OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Brain-wide glymphatic enhancement and clearance in humans assessed with MRI

Ringstad, Geir, Valnes, Lars Magnus, Dale, Anders, Pripp, Are Hugo, Vatnehol, Svein Are Sirirud, Emblem, Kyrre Eeg, Mardal, Kent-Andre, Eide, Per Kristian (American Society for Clinical Investigation 2018-07-12)

Development of a tailored intervention with computerized clinical decision support to improve quality of care for patients with knee osteoarthritis: Multi-method study

van de Velde, Stijn Rita Patrick, Kortteisto, Tiina, Spitaels, David, Jamtvedt, Gro, Roshanov, Pavel, Kunnamo, Ilkka, Aertgeerts, Bert, Vandvik, Per Olav, Flottorp, Signe (JMIR Publications 2018-06-11)

Patient satisfaction with treatments and outcomes in residential addiction institutions

Andersson, Helle Wessel, Otterholt, Eli, Gråwe, Rolf W. (De Gruyter Open 2017)

Identification of Endogenous Controls for Use in miRNA Quantification in Human Cancer Cell Lines

Das, Mrinal Kumar, Andreassen, Rune, Haugen, Trine B., Furu, Kari (International Institute of Anticancer Research 2016)

Malaria burden and control in Bangladesh and prospects for elimination: an epidemiological and economic assessment

Haque, Ubydul, Overgaard, Hans, Clements, Archie C. A., Norris, Douglas E., Islam, Nazrul, Karim, Jahirul, Roy, Shyamal, Haque, Waziul, Kabir, Moktadir, Smith, David L, Glass, Gregory E (Elsevier 2014)