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Calendars for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities: A Comparison of Table View and List View

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Lundh, Maud Veronica Gine (ACM Press 2015)

Measuring digit ratio with smart phone to unveil health conditions and behavior

Huang, Yo-Ping, Basanta, Haobijam, Sandnes, Frode Eika (IEEE Computer Society 2015)

Human Performance Characteristics of Three-finger Chord Sequences

Sandnes, Frode Eika (Elsevier 2015-10-23)

Auditing Web accessibility: The role of interest organizations in promoting compliance through certification

Giannoumis, G. Anthony (University of Illinois at Chicago Library 2015-09-07)

An automatic two-hand 2d:4dD finger-ratio measurement algorithm for flatbed scanned images

Sandnes, Frode Eika (IEEE Computer Society 2015)

A contrast colour selection scheme for WCAG2.0-compliant web designs based on HSV-half-planes

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Zhao, Anqi (IEEE Computer Society 2015)

Speech Driven by Artificial Larynx: Potential Advancement Using Synthetic Pitch Contours

Jian, Hua-Li (Springer 2015-06-18)

A repeating pattern based Query-by-Humming fuzzy system for polyphonic melody retrieval

Huang, Yo-Ping, Shin-Liang, Lai, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Elsevier 2015-04-25)

On the Understandability of Public Domain Icons: Effects of Gender and Age

Berget, Gerd, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer 2015-07-18)

Exploring the Interactivity Issues of the Stereoscopic 3D Systems for Design Education

Chen, Li-Chieh, Cheng, Yun-Maw, Chu, Po-Ying, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer 2015-07-18)

The Effect of Dyslexia on Searching Visual and Textual Content: Are Icons Really Useful?

Berget, Gerd, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer 2015-07-18)

Associating Absent Frequent Itemsets with Infrequent Items to Identify Abnormal Transactions

Kao, Li-Jen, Huang, Yo-Ping, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Springer 2014-12-07)

Generalizations of the Levi-Civita-Bertotti-Robinson spacetime

Grøn, Øyvind, Johannesen, Steinar (EDP Sciences 2014-10-22)

Higher harmonics of azimuthal anisotropy in relativistic heavy-ion collisions in HYDJET++ model

Bravina, L. V., Johansson, B. H., Eyyubova, G. Kh., Korotkikh, V. L., Lokhtin, I. P., Malinina, L. V., Petrushanko, S. V., Snigirev, A. M., Zabrodin, E. E. (Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2014)

On Cooperation Versus Competition Between Autonomous Resource Management Agents

Fagernes, Siri, Couch, Alva L. (Akademika 2014-03-13)

Historical Oslo on a handheld device - a mobile augmented reality application

Chen, Weiqin (Elsevier 2014-09)

Microbial specialists in below-grade foundation walls in Scandinavia

Nunez, Maria, Hammer, Hugo Lewi (Wiley-Blackwell 2014-02-17)

Evolutionary optimization algorithms for sunlight-based positioning sensor networks

Pardeiro, Jose, Gomez, Javier V., Brunete, Alberto, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Hindawi Publishing Corporation 2014)

Before and after Lightfoot/León. Using rich pictures to illustrate an educational journey through the world of opera and ballet

Habib, Laurence Marie Anna, Juell, Elisabeth (FORMakademisk 2014)

Detecting Threats of Violence in Online Discussions Using Bigrams of Important Words

Hammer, Hugo Lewi (IEEE Xplore Digital Library 2014)