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A Two-Stage Binarizing Algorithm for Automatic 2D:4D Finger Ratio Measurement of Hands with Non-Separated Fingers

Sandnes, Frode Eika (IEEE 2015)

Saving the planet with bin packing - Experiences using 2D and 3D bin packing of virtual machines for greener clouds

Hage, Thomas, Begnum, Kyrre, Yazidi, Anis (IEEE 2014)

Automatic security classification by machine learning for cross-domain information exchange

Hammer, Hugo Lewi, Kongsgård, Kyrre Wahl, Yazidi, Anis, Bai, Aleksander, Nordbotten, Nils Agne, Engelstad, Paal E. (IEEE 2015)

Heuristic evaluations of the accessibility of learning management systems (LMSs) as authoring tools for teachers

Chen, Weiqin, Sanderson, Norun Christine, Kessel, Siri, Królak, Aleksandra (University of Illinois at Chicago library 2015)

IncludeOS: A minimal, resource efficient unikernel for cloud services

Bratterud, Alfred, Walla, Alf-Andre, Haugerud, Hårek, Engelstad, Paal E., Begnum, Kyrre (IEEE 2015)

Maximal isotropic subbundles of orthogonal bundles of odd rank over a curve

Hitching, George Harry, Choe, Insong (World Scientific Publishing 2015-11-25)

Building domain specific sentiment lexicons combining information from many sentiment lexicons and a domain specific corpus

Hammer, Hugo Lewi, Yazidi, Anis, Bai, Aleksander, Engelstad, Paal E. (Springer 2015)

Pie Menus or Linear Menus, Which Is Better?

Murano, Pietro, Khan, Iram N. (ARPN Publishers 2015-09-09)

Menu Positioning on Web Pages. Does it Matter?

Murano, Pietro, Lomas, Tracey J. (SAI Organization 2015)

On English Speakers Ability to Communicate Emotion in Mandarin

Jian, Hua-Li (University of Toronto Press 2014)

Flow Shop Scheduling Based on A Novel Cooling Temperature Driven Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Chen, Ruey-Maw, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Elsevier 2015-01-05)

Searching databases without query-building aids: implications for dyslexic users

Berget, Gerd, Sandnes, Frode Eika (Information Research 2015-12-04)

Does Clicker Use Improve Exam Scores? A Controlled Randomized Experiment in a Bachelor-Level Course in Software Engineering

Kvadsheim, Reidar, Haugerud, Hårek, Hammer, Hugo Lewi, Bratterud, Alfred, Habib, Laurence (Tempus Publication 2015)

Components of the Hilbert scheme of space curves on low-degree smooth surfaces

Kleppe, Jan Oddvar, Ottem, John Christian (World Scientific Publishing 2015-02-27)

An Interactive Color Picker that Ensures WCAG2.0 Compliant Color Contrast Levels

Sandnes, Frode Eika, Zhao, Anqi (Elsevier 2015)

Medstudentvurdering i matematikk og fysikk

Haugan, John, Lysebo, Marius (Universitetsforlaget 2015)

Mobile Instant Messaging for the Elderly

Bong, Way Kiat, Chen, Weiqin (Elsevier 2015)

Reflective Text Entry: A Simple Low Effort Predictive Input Method Based on Flexible Abbreviations

Sandnes, Frode Eika (Elsevier 2015-11-06)

Image based contamination detection on hard disk head gimbal assembly

Ieamsaard, Jirarat, Muneesawang, Paisarn, Sandnes, Frode Eika (IEEE Computer Society 2015)

A new method for identifying possible causal relationships between CO2, total solar irradiance and global temperature change

Seip, Knut Lehre, Grøn, Øyvind (Springer 2015-11-20)