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Solving stochastic nonlinear resource allocation problems using continuous learning automata

Yazidi, Anis, Hammer, Hugo Lewi (Springer Verlag 2018-06-23)

Improving resource discovery and access through user-controlled adaptation: Exploring the role of library metadata

Beyene, Wondwossen, Aasheim, Marius Wiker (Springer Verlag (Germany) 2018-06-06)

An aggregation approach for solving the non-linear fractional equality Knapsack problem

Yazidi, Anis, Jonassen, Tore Møller, Herrera-Viedma, Enrique (Elsevier 2018-06-15)

A mobile app supporting exercise adherence for people with Parkinson's disease

Upsahl, Kristoffer, Vistven, Annette Faber, Bergland, Astrid, Chen, Weiqin (Springer Verlag 2018-06-26)

On optimizing firewall performance in dynamic networks by invoking a novel swapping window-based paradigm

Mohan, Ratish, Yazidi, Anis, Feng, Boning, Oommen, John (Wiley 2018-07-24)

Philosophy of Computation

Konkoli, Zoran, Stepney, Susan, Broersma, Hajo, Dini, Paolo, Nehaniv, Christopher, Nichele, Stefano (Springer 2018)

On the analysis of a random walk-jump chain with tree-based transitions and its applications to faulty dichotomous search

Yazidi, Anis, Oommen, John (Taylor & Francis 2018-03-08)

The Hierarchical Continuous Pursuit Learning Automation for Large Numbers of Actions

Yazidi, Anis, Zhang, Xuan, Lei, Jiao, Oommen, John (Springer 2018-05-22)

Regulatory Intermediaries: The Role of Interest Organizations in Supporting Web Accessibility Policy Implementation.

Giannoumis, G. Anthony (IOS Press 2018)

Comparative Evaluation of Accessibility and Learnability of Learning Management Systems: Case of Fronter and Canvas

Ahmad, Faizan, Beyene, Wondwossen, Giannoumis, G. Anthony (Springer Verlag 2018-06-07)

Usability of Indoor Network Navigation Solutions for Persons with Visual Impairments

Giannoumis, G. Anthony, Pandya, Umesh, Ferati, Mexhid, Krivonos, Daria, Pey, Tom (Springer 2018)


Ribu, Kirsten, Patel, Tulpesh (The Design Society 2018)

Interaction Between Standardisation and Research: A Case Study

Hoel, Tore, Chen, Weiqin (IGI Global 2018)

Visualization and Pedagogical Patterns in Support of Undergraduate Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ribu, Kirsten (Norsk Informatikkonferanse 2018-08-09)

Research-Based Educational Support of Undergraduate Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ribu, Kirsten (IOS Press 2018)

Metrics for Ensuring Security and Privacy of Information Sharing Tools for Improved City Resilience: A Review Approach

Radianti, Jaziar, Gjøsæter, Terje (IGI Global 2017)

A population-based incremental learning approach to network hardening

Paulsen, Alexander, Yazidi, Anis, Feng, Boning, Ou, Xinming (IOS Press 2018)

Pursuit learning solution to underwater communications with limited mobility agents

Bennour, Hajar, Yazidi, Anis, Berqia, Amine (ACM 2018)

Data center traffic scheduling with hot-cold link detection capabilities

Yazidi, Anis, Hussein, Abdi, Feng, Boning (ACM 2018)

Effective live migration of virtual machines using partitioning and affinity aware-scheduling

Yazidi, Anis, Ung, Fredrik, Haugerud, Hårek, Begnum, Kyrre (Elsevier 2018-07-11)