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The effect of retaining bonuses on delaying early retirement – financial incentives revisited

Hermansen, Åsmund, Midtsundstad, Tove Irene (Roskilde Universitet 2018-03-21)

Negotiating client positions: parents with custodial disagreements talking about their experiences with child welfare workers

Jevne, Kari Sjøhelle (Taylor & Francis 2017-05-14)

Additive or Multiplicative Disadvantage? The Scarring Effects of Unemployment for Ethnic Minorities

Birkelund, Gunn Elisabeth, Heggebø, Kristian, Rogstad, Jon (Oxford University Press 2016-06-25)

'On Caseworkers’ writing in Child Welfare − when less is more'

Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (Taylor and Francis 2018-05-02)

European health inequality through the Great Recession: Social policy matters.

van der Wel, Kjetil A., Saltkjel, Therese, Chen, Wen-Hao, Dahl, Espen, Halvorsen, Knut (Wiley 2018-03-02)

Socioeconomic inequalities in health during the Great Recession: A scoping review of the research literature

Heggebø, Kristian, Tøge, Anne Grete, Dahl, Espen, Berg, John Erik (SAGE Publications 2018-10-10)

Care parading as service: Negotiating recognition and equality in user-controlled personal assistance

Neumann, Cecilie Elisabeth Basberg, Gundersen, Tonje (Wiley 2018-09-11)

The Pharmaceutical Other. Negotiating Drugs, Rights, and Lives in Substitution Treatment of Heroin Addiction in Norway

Bartoszko, Aleksandra (OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University 2018)

Program theory within policy-initiated evaluations: the Norwegian low-income family study

Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira, Tøge, Anne Grete, Fossestøl, Knut (Taylor & Francis 2018-03-26)

Mapping European Welfare Models: State of the Art of Strategies for Professional Integration and Reintegration of Persons with Chronic Diseases

Halvorsen, Rune, Scaratti, Chiara, Leonardi, Matilde, Silvaggi, Fabiola, Ávila, Carolina C., Muñoz-Murillo, Amalia (MDPI 2018)

Social workers' challenges in the assessment of child abuse and maltreatment: Intersections of class and ethnicity in child protection cases.

Aadnanes, Margrete (Policy Press 2017-08-23)

'New Blood': A contemporary GIM programme.

Fuglestad, Svein (Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy 2017)

Associations between ectodermal dysplasia, psychological distress and quality of life in a group of adults with oligodontia

Saltnes, Solfrid Sørgjerd, Jensen, Janicke Liaaen, Sæves, Rønnaug Ingun, Nordgarden, Hilde, Geirdal, Amy Østertun (Taylor & Francis 2017)

Responsibility for Psychological Sense of Community and Well-Being in Old Age: A Qualitative Study of Urban Older Adults in Norway

Bahl, Nina Kavita Heggen, Nafstad, Hilde Eileen, Blakar, Rolv Mikkel, Geirdal, Amy Østertun (Scientific Research Publishing 2017)

Mediating agency and structure in sociology: What role for conversion factors?

Hvinden, Bjørn, Halvorsen, Rune (SAGE Publications 2017)

Young people and young adults’ experiences with child abuse and maltreatment: Meaning making, conceptualizations, and dealing with violence

Aadnanes, Margrete, Gulbrandsen, Liv Mette (Sage 2017)

A Critical Approach to the Demographics of Ageing: The Case of Oslo

Sugahara, Gustavo (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Centro de Estudos Territoriais 2017)

Barnevern på sosiale medier - offentlig deltakelse og utøvelse av medborgerskap

Stang, Edda (Universitetsforlaget 2016)

Colligation in child welfare work: Decision-making on the tipping point.

Skotte, Pernille Stornæss (SAGE Publications 2016)

Success and failure in narrowing the disability employment gap: comparing levels and trends across Europe 2002–2014

Baumberg Geiger, Ben, van der Wel, Kjetil A., Tøge, Anne Grete (BioMed Central 2017)