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Women's preference for caesarean section and the actual mode of delivery - Comparing five sites in Norway

Lindstad Løvåsmoen, Elin Marie, Bjørgo, Mari Nyland, Lukasse, Mirjam, Schei, Berit, Henriksen, Lena (Elsevier 2018-04-17)

Cancer cachexia: Rationale for the MENAC (Multimodal - Exercise, Nutrition and Anti-inflammatory medication for Cachexia) trial

Solheim, Tora Skeidsvoll, Laird, Barry J. A., Balstad, Trude Rakel, Bye, Asta, Stene, Guro Birgitte, Baracos, Vickie, Strasser, Florian, Griffiths, Gareth, Maddocks, Matthew, Fallon, Marie, Kaasa, Stein, Fearon, Kenneth (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-02-09)

Thirty-day readmissions in surgical and transcatheter aortic valve replacement: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Danielsen, Stein Ove, Moons, Philip, Sandven, Irene, Leegaard, Marit, Solheim, Svein, Tønnessen, Theis, Lie, Irene (Elsevier 2018-05-18)

Validating the Functional, Communicative and Critical Health Literacy Scale Using Rasch Modeling and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Finbråten, Hanne Søberg, Guttersrud, Øystein, Nordström, Gun, Pettersen, Kjell Sverre, Trollvik, Anne, Larsson, Bodil Wilde (Springer Publishing Company 2018)

Predictive validity and gender differences in a biopsychosocial model of violence risk assessment in acute psychiatry

Eriksen, Bjørn Magne Sundsbø, Færden, Ann, Lockertsen, Øyvind, Bjørkly, Stål, Roaldset, John Olav (Elsevier 2018-04-09)

Systemix exertion intolerance disease diagnostic criteria Applied on an adolescent chronic fatigue syndrom cohort: evaluation of subgroup differences and prognostic utility

Asprusten, Tarjei Tørre, Sulheim, Dag, Fagermoen, Frode Even, Winger, Anette, Skovlund, Eva, Wyller, Vegard Bruun Bratholm (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-03-16)

Placebo by proxy expectations toward acupuncture change over time: A survey comparing parental expectations to acupuncture pre- and postoperatively

Liodden, Ingrid Elisabeth, Pripp, Are Hugo, Norheim, Arne Johan (BMC 2018-06-14)

Carbohydrate quantity in the dietary management of type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Korsmo-Haugen, Henny-Kristine, Brurberg, Kjetil Gundro, Mann, Jim I, Aas, Anne-Marie (Wiley 2018-08-11)

Inflammatorisk fordøyelsessykdom - fra partnerens synsvinkel

Øverlie, Anne, Grov, Ellen Karine, Ytrehus, Siri (Septentrio Academic Publishing 2018)

Meagre Hospitality”. Experiences With Food Among Asylum Seekers Living In Norwegian Reception Centres

Terragni, Laura, Henjum, Sigrun, Ida, Barbala, Haug, Helene, Hofset, Ann Helen, Dyrdal Nielsen, Peter, Stene, Trude (Anthropology of Food 2018)

Health care-seeking patterns for female genital mutilation/cutting among young Somalis in Norway

Mbanya, Vivian N., Gele, Abdi Ali, Diaz, Esperanza, Kumar, Bernadette. N (BMC (part of Springer Nature) 2018-04-18)

Parental concerns of allergy or hypersensitivity and the infant's diet

Holmberg Fagerlund, Bettina, Helseth, Sølvi, Andersen, Lene Frost, Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova, Glavin, Kari (Wiley Open Access 2018-08-19)

Inadequate Iodine Intake in Population Groups Defined by Age, Life Stage and Vegetarian Dietary Practice in a Norwegian Convenience Sample

Brantsæter, Anne Lise, Knutsen, Helle Katrine, Johansen, Nina Cathrine, Nyheim, Kristine Aastad, Erlund, Iris, Meltzer, Helle Margrete, Henjum, Sigrun (MDPI 2018-02-17)

Plasma fatty acid levels and gene expression related to lipid metabolism in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: A cross-sectional study in healthy subjects

Larsen, Sunniva Veen, Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund, Ottestad, Inger, Dagsland, Kine Margrethe, Myhrstad, Mari, Ulven, Stine Marie (BMC 2018-04-10)

Feedback from Digital Systems Used in Higher Education: An Inquiry into Triggered Emotions - Two Universal Design Oriented Solutions for a Better User Experience

Saplacan, Diana, Herstad, Jo, Pajalic, Zada (IOS Press 2018)

Helserelatert livskvalitet og ernæringsstatus blant eldre hjemmeboende over 70 år

Henriksen, Christine, Golberg, Silje B, Ulven, Stine Marie, Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund, Ottestad, Inger (Norsk Tidsskrift for Ernæring 2018-06-28)

Can a midwife-led continuity model improve maternal services in a low-resource setting? A non-randomised study in Palestine

Mortensen, Berit, Lukasse, Mirjam, Diep, Lien My, Lieng, Marit, Abu-Awad, Amal, Suleiman, Munjid, Fosse, Erik (BMJ Publishing Group 2018-03-22)

Acceptability of an mHealth app intervention for persons with type 2 diabetes and its associations with initial self-management: Randomized controlled trial

Torbjørnsen, Astrid, Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova, Jenum, Anne Karen, Årsand, Eirik, Ribu, Lis (Journal of Medical Internet Research 2018-05-21)

The association between hope, marital status, depression and persistent pain in men and women following cardiac surgery

Bjørnnes, Ann Kristin, Parry, Monica, Lie, Irene, Falk, Ragnhild Sørum, Leegaard, Marit, Rustøen, Tone (BMC 2018-01-02)

Assessing adolescents’ perceived proficiency in critically evaluating nutrition information

Naigaga, Desire Alice Sandra Mpolampola, Pettersen, Kjell Sverre, Henjum, Sigrun, Guttersrud, Øystein (BMC 2018-06-28)