Sosial Spaghetti: Human centered design and social integration: social change, gamification and psychology in design







Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for produktdesign



Master i produktdesign


Sustainability is about both economical, social and environmental sustainability. This master thesis focuses on social sustainability in the form of well-being and empowerment of people through social integration. This has been addressed with a human centered design process, and with methods from system oriented design and service design, along with theories based on psychology, social change and gamification. The research question and problem statement and has been: How might we use a human centered design approach to find ways to improve social integration of adults: locals and asylum seekers, in order to improve the feeling of normalization for asylum seekers? How might we design a service that enable adults to meet over common interests, that is accessible for people regardless of income and language abilities? We have answered the questions by designing an Online platform with it’s own visual language, that enables for meeting like minded people regardless of language abilities and income. The service enables asylum seekers to meet people as equals, and not as the label asylum seeker, providing them with some normality in their abnormal situation. This is important because good relationships and a sense of belonging keep us healthier and happier, and loneliness might kill. Unfortunately a great number of people are experiencing loneliness in Norway, and people with low income and strict economy are generally less socially active and more lonely. One of the reasons in Norway might be the culture; it is difficult to forge new bonds outside of the social circle you’ve grown up in, gone to school in or worked in. So what about people working from home, people that recently moved, newcomers that has yet to grasp how things work, and refugees and asylum seekers? That is what our service addresses.


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