Personalkvalitet i barnehagen - Fokusgruppeintervju av styrere





Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus



Master i barnehagepedagogikk


I have interviewed day care centre managers about their views of staff quality. My aim is to investigate how managers perceive the impact staff has on the quality of work with children and parents in day care centres. I have conducted focus group interviews with day care centre managers in two municipalities. I use the concept ‘staff quality’ in order to delimit my study and focus on how managers think of staff quality in different dimensions of day care. I have been inspired by Hans-Georg Gadamer in terms of dialogue, the to and fro movement of questions, and the hermeneutical circle of conditions for understanding. This means that I have used my own knowledge and experience as well. My research questions are: - How do day care centre managers understand the term staff quality in day care centre? - How do day care centre managers organize, control, and manage staff quality in their daily work? - What are the hinders to develop high staff quality? Day care centre managers are responsible for day care quality. I therefore wish to track their thoughts and experiences in order to get their views about the quality of the staff and their role as managers. My findings show that the day care centre manager say that they are primarily concerned with the children. Their understanding of staff quality is primarily related to the staff's ability to interact with children, which in my opinion is not surprising. Furthermore, the interviews show that managers use many tools and methods with the aim to improve staff quality. My findings also show that managers report that they spend more and more time on office work and that they have too little time for management of the educational process. The most prominent finding is that managers have complex leadership roles. It also seems to be difficult to differentiate staff quality from general quality in day care centres. The day care centre managers are constantly in some kind of movement between the different tasks and duties: a to and fro movement is indicative of their management style.


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