Moving the boundaries : peer learning between nursing and physiotherapy students





Vård i Norden;31 (3)


Sykepleiernes Samarbeid i Norden



Aim: The objective of this study was to explore nursing and physiotherapy students’ views on peer learning as an innovative learning strategy. Background: Departments of nursing and physiotherapy at Oslo University College, Norway, initiated a cooperative project based on interdisciplinary and cross-level learning in patient transfer activities. Patient transfer is based on natural human body movement patterns, ergonomics, and communication skills. The project involved partnering second-year physiotherapy students as tutors with first-year nursing students as tutees in a peer learning relationship. Methods: In order to evaluate the project 990 students from both groups completed a questionnaire with closed- and open-ended questions. Results: Even though the nursing students had a significantly higher score for theoretical knowledge and practical skills, both groups of students seemed to agree that learning patient transfer with and from each other were considered advantageous. Conclusions: The findings indicate that students valued the use value of this innovative method for interdisciplinary and cross–level learning.


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