Lecturers' text competencies and guidance towards academic literacy





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Embedding academic literacy into the curriculum and regular subject teaching has received little attention in Norwegian higher education (HE). The present article, drawing on the findings of two studies carried out in 2013/14, seeks to amend this. The first study, an action research study, exposes how lecturers in one of the faculties at Oslo and Akershus University College perceive their role in teaching and guiding students’ discipline-specific literacy, in particular academic writing. Collaborating with the faculty in a joint action research project, we seek to empower the lecturers, and develop pedagogical methods that are suitable for academic literacy teaching and guidance, and thereby make a change in the institution. The second study analyzes the academic literacy skills and knowledge of new students. We follow students in their final semester in upper secondary school, and identify how they are prepared for academic literacy in HE. Together, the studies reveal that despite the students’ preparation for higher studies, they are not fully qualified for meeting the demands of academic literacy. When entering HE, the students are still in need of guidance to establish textual meta-perspectives and to develop relevant disciplinary literacy practices. However, the lecturers are neither fully qualified for nor willing to include this topic in their content teaching.




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