Investigation of cluster and cluster queuing system





Høgskolen i Oslo. Avdeling for ingeniørutdanning



Master i nettverks- og systemadministrasjon


Cluster became main platform as parallel and distributed computing structure for high performance computing. Following the development of high performance computer architecture more and more different branches of natural science benefit fromhuge and efficient computational power. For instance bio-informatics, climate science, computational physics, computational chemistry, marine science, etc. Efficient and reliable computing powermay not only expending demand of existing high performance computing users but also attracting more and more different users. Efficiency and performance are main factors on high performance computing. Most of the high performance computer exists as computer cluster. Computer clustering is the popular and main stream of high-performance computing. Discover the efficiency of high performance computing or cluster is very interesting and never enough as it is really depending on different users. Monitoring and tuning high performance or cluster facilities are always necessary. This project focuses on high performance computer monitoring. Comparing queuing status and work load on different computing nodes on the cluster. As the power consumption is main issue nowadays, our project will also try to estimate power consumption on these special sites and also try to support our way of doing estimation.


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