How can I improve my practice as a facilitator in technical and vocational education? Focusing on facilitating participants' participation and learning groups





Høgskolen i Akershus



Master i yrkespedagogikk


This dissertation documents a self-study of my own practice as a facilitator in technical vocational education which is committed to practice improvement. I have adapted action research living theory methodology whereby I asked myself the question: How can I improve my practice? It is through adoption of this methodology I have been able to reflect over my practice and how I live in accordance with my values. The aim of this dissertation is to present an account of my inquiry, in which I explore what it means to live my values in practice. Through descriptions and explanations of my practice, this dissertation unveils a process of action and reflection, punctuated by moments when I deny or fail to live my values fully in practice, prompting the iterative question how can I improve my practice; the reflective process enabling me better to understand my practice and test out that understanding with others in the public domain. It is through the research method and tools e.g. audio and video recordings, minutes and log writing, photographing, I became able to document the sequences of my actions during the meetings and group discussion with the instructors at the Malakal Vocational Training Centre (MVTC)


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