Future scenario building and youths' civic insights





Design Research Society



This study considers whether future scenario building in design education can serve to increase students’ civic insights regarding sustainable development. A school project, 'Build Your Own Future’, including 7th graders’ work and interviews, forms the empirical basis for this study. The research is placed within the framework of critical realism, and the research strategy is developed and executed through the principles of action research, where the knowledge resources and changes in attitude among students are explored. The following research question is addressed in this project: Can working with future scenario building, taken from industrial and product design, contribute to meeting society’s demand for empowerment and reflective citizenship? In the interpretation of the empirical material, several types of learning and insights that can contribute to this were identified. This paper explores how students showed a willingness and desire to change the future positively, and how they saw opportunities and possibilities by imagining and shaping the unknown.


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