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This is a qualitative analysis based on six interviews. The theme for my project is family therapy with ethnic minority families. These families received therapy from a family therapist who is working for the social services. The focus has been to view the co-operation process between the family therapist and the families. My research is based on the following question: How can family therapy contribute to mobilizing resources/strengths in minority families who is in social services? Three of my informants are women and mothers who is from the African and Asian continent. The other three are therapist. They are two women and one male who come from Scandinavia and a country in Africa. The therapist have long experience working with minority families. By using å semi-structured interview I interviewed my informants and wanted to find out their experiences regarding family therapy with the social services as context. The theme is relevant in social work and in the last few years the focus has increased. Research in this field has been focusing on the contact between the social services and the ethnic minority groups. There has been a research project where they focused on the type of help given to families in the child welfare agencies, but it was not specifically looking at how it affects minority families. My interest was in finding out how this help is perceived by both therapist and minority families. In my study it became clear that the families are satisfied with the help giving by the therapist, but it also became clear that they need extra help compared to the majority group, because their problems are more complexed.




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