"Det er mitt liv det gjelder" : kreftpasienters beskrivelse av mestringsmuligheter, slik det kommer til uttrykk på et internettbasert diskusjonsforum





Vård i Norden;31 (3)


Sykepleiernes Samarbeid i Norden



Background: Online support groups carry great potential for cancer patients and have become an increasingly common way of communication. However, more research is needed to learn how participation in such forums may benefit patients. Aim: To understand cancer patients’ coping potential as expressed through their descriptions in an online discussion forum. Method: This study is part of a larger study were a selective group of breast and prostate cancer patients communicated in a secure online discussion forum. 711 forum messages were analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Antonovsky’s theory of health served as theoretical framework for interpretation of results. Findings: Forum messages revealed: 1) a need to be the central character in one’s life’s drama 2) a need to be an active participant and mobilise one’s strength and 3) a need for storytelling and exchanging of experiences. Conclusion: Expressing oneself through storytelling and exchanging of experiences appears to be an important coping strategy by making the patients` world more comprehensible, manageable and meaningful. It can provide patients with a "sense


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