Creative activating people in urban space through Graffiti Art and gamification: An interactive app with an urban game for Nuart Festival







Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for produktdesign



Master i produktdesign


In every city all over the world, the number of commercial billboards and posters increase every year depriving citizens of the natural charm of urban space. For people it becomes difficult to spend time and relax in the city due to overwhelming feeling of being attacked by commercial information. How to prevent this effect and creatively improve the urban space to make people enjoy their city more? The solution is creativity. For a long time Stavanger had been only associated to oil industry. In 2001 Martyn Reed decided to change it through Urban and Graffiti Art and established NuArt Festival. Every Summer Stavanger becomes a platform to worldwide artists working outside traditional art establishment. The graffiti pieces are spread all over Stavanger and last all year long. The citizens of Stavanger are elated seeing artistic development of their city. Bringing technology and elements of urban game into NuArt Festival's actions will creatively activate both citizens of Stavanger and visitors and will let them regain their urban space. The finished product is a NuArt Plus app. It contains the list of newly designed social and creative events, where ordinary people can be involved in creating art in the city f.e. by trying legally their graffiti skills in appointed places in Stavanger. The app also provides a map of ongoing events of NuArt Festival and cooperating art social initiatives. The NuTrespass game, based on GPS, is the most relevant part of the app. It takes people into trip around the city and let them find the graffiti pieces. Thus, they will get the complete image of the city, outside the mainstream places. The game will also allow them to meet the other players and join them in the art journey in Stavanger




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