Beskrivelse av rammeverk for implementering. Artikkel 1







Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for atferdsvitenskap



Master i læring i komplekse systemer


There is an increasing demand for all public services to be cost-effective. Quality assurance of the services has been given an increased focus and can ensure both predictable and good service with high evidence. A service with strong evidence and high quality require good implementation of method and control of the degree of the implementation rate. Implementations rate may indicate if the service provided contains the spesific component intended, and is fundamental to understand whether the program is the active part in behavior changes. Målstyrt Miljøterapi (MM) is derived from Contingency Management (LBR) and Multisystemic Thrapy (MST) and is a model on how to structure the therapeutic work. This master thesis contains theory on what implementations is, how implementation works and how it is measured. In article 1 there will be a brief account of research on implementation and current theory. The theory forms the basis for a broader understanding of the complex process and is the foundation for the practicle work in article 2. Article 2 will present tools to measure implementation, and the result of a implementations study in nine Child Welfare institutions in Region West of Norway. The purpose of this master thesis has been to develop tools to measure degrees of implementation of MM. The goal has been to provide a cost effective and simple way for the departments to be able to focus and further develop the practice related to implementation of MM




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