Bemoving - En aktivitetskonkurranse for arbeidsplassen







Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus



Master i produktdesign


This Thesis is developed as a part of the Master’s program in Product Design at Oslo and Akershus College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) spring 2014. The project deals with low-active work environments. A concept of how employees can become more physically active has been developed with special regards to those who does not already have active habits. Through qualitative methods, information has been gathered from persons who also will be users of the concept. This has resulted in valuable insights which set the framework for further developments. An aim in the project has been to find new and unconventional solutions to the issues of inactivity and static sitting. The process har resulted in a concept called bemoving, which is an activity competition for companies and organisations. In the competition, the participants recieves short, varied and fun challenges through a mobile application. Points from the challenges are kept track of with the help of a physical point counter. The counter has its own dock, which also can hold other office supplies. The dock holding the counter becomes a natural part of the work desk, and creates a visual reminder and motivation to take part in the competition. The purpose of Bemoving is to create a more active, social and fun everyday work life without stealing too much time from work chores. Bemoving inspires and motivates peoples to be more active.


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