Applicability of IPS Principles to Job Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth





IOS Press



BACKGROUND: Researchers and others are worried about the marginalization of vulnerable youth who drop out of school and have difficulties finding and keeping a job. Supported Employment (SE) approaches have shown good employment results for persons with disabilities. Individual Placement and Support (IPS) for persons with severe mental challenges has shown particularly good effects. Can support based on the principles of IPS also contribute to increased job inclusion of vulnerable youth? OBJECTIVE: Research has suggested that the IPS principles are applicable to support for young adults with mental challenges, but little is known about their applicability to support for non-psychiatric populations. This article aims to expand knowledge in this field by discussing the applicability of the IPS principles to support for vulnerable youth aged 15–25 who do not necessarily have severe mental challenges. METHODS: The article is based on theme-oriented, cross-case analysis of qualitative data gathered from 16 youth pilots. RESULTS: Modifications of six of the eight IPS principles are suggested if applied to vulnerable youth in order to better meet their needs and situation. CONCLUSION: The IPS principles can be applied to vulnerable youth, but the analysis indicates that the suggested modifications will increase their applicability.




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