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  1. Scientific Opinion on a notification (reference C/NL/09/01) for the placing on the market of the genetically modified carnation IFD-25958-3 with a modified colour, for import of cut flowers for ornamental use, under Part C of Directive 2001/18/EC from Florigene

    Arpaia, Salvatore, Birch, Andrew Nicholas Edmund, Chesson, Andrew, Jardin, Patrick du, Gathmann, Achim, Gropp, Jürgen, Herman, Lieve, Hoen-Sorteberg, Hilde-Gunn, Jones, Huw, Kiss, Józef, Gijs, Kleter, Lovik, Martinus, Messéan, Antoine, Naegeli, Hanspeter, Nielsen, Kåre Magne, Ovesna, Jaroslava, Perry, Joe, Rostoks, Nils, Tebbe, Christoph ()