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  1. Identification of 19 new risk loci and potential regulatory mechanisms influencing susceptibility to testicular germ cell tumor

    Litchfield, Kevin, Levy, Max, Orlando, Giulia, Loveday, Chey, Law, Philip J., Migliorini, Gabriele, Holroyd, Amy, Broderick, Peter, Karlsson, Robert, Haugen, Trine B., Kristiansen, Wenche, Nsengimana, Jérémie, Fenwick, Kerry, Assiotis, Ioannis, Kote-Jarai, Zsofia, Dunning, Alison M., Muir, Kenneth, Peto, Julian, Eeles, Rosalind, Easton, Douglas F., Dudakia, Darshna, Orr, Nick, Pashayan, Nora, Bishop, D. Timothy, Reid, Alison, Huddart, Robert A., Shipley, Janet, Grotmol, Tom, Wiklund, Fredrik, Houlston, Richard S., Turnbull, Clare ()