Working with Farmers in Upper Nile State, South Sudan for farmers to adopt Multi-cropping practice in Nakdiar and Doleep Payams


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


This Thesis is presenting an action research carried out and conducted in the Republic of South Sudan in 2011. It tried to interrogate and investigate mono-cropping practices by farmers in South Sudan and Upper Nile State/Region in particular. Mono-cropping is done by traditional practices by the farmers in the State/ country. To avert such problem of practices, I decided to conduct my Master Thesis by working with farmers and encourage them to adopt multi-cropping practice in the state/region. The major objective and goal is for farmer to improve and increase food productions for their households/families. The type of professional / qualitative approach applied in this action research was the Application of Group Dialogues and Discussions with the participant / farmers. It is the main Methodology used in this Action Research Project. The reason for not using individual approach is because of the complexity to reach vast number of farmers on one by one. This study has managed to work and train75 farmers in Nakdiar and Doleep Payams, Panyikang County and it was successful


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