Within-Subject Design in Reading Fluency Research = Bruk av N=1 design i leseflyt forskning: artikkel 1


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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


Fluency has become a popular topic in educational research in the last years. The reading fluency literature consists of many publications from both traditional educational research and from the practice of precision teaching. Despite the amount of research that has been published, regarding reading fluency, there have not yet been published enough high quality researches to determine the most common practice to increase reading fluency, repeated reading, as evidence based practice. In this paper, experimental control in reading fluency research is discussed. Special attention is directed to characteristics of within-subject designs and their use in reading fluency research. There have been proposed some quality standards for within-subject designs in special education to identify evidence practice. Those quality standards are discussed in relation to reading fluency research. In addition, it will be discussed how it is possible to increase experimental control in precision teaching research



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