Why do nurses utilize textual knowledge sources at work?


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Vård i Norden;30 (4)


Sykepleiernes Samarbeid i Norden

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Aim. The aim of this paper is to shed light on why nurses utilize textual knowledge sources in a hospital workplace setting. The paper focuses on the following research question: Why do nurses utilize textual knowledge sources at work? Background. Knowledge utilization implies that nurses rely on knowledge sources that are regulated at a more general level. Knowledge utilization may be triggered by uncertainty or novelty in task requirements. Methods. The data derives from 10 semi-structured in-depth interviews with nurses, conducted during spring-05. Six of them also kept logs for two days during two weeks during the fall semester of 2005. In addition, a focus group interview with three of the nurses was conducted in the spring semester of 2006. Findings. The reasons for using textual knowledge sources seem to crystallize into three interrelated themes: 1. To fill in gaps of knowledge needed to understand or solve problems at hand 2. To verify and enhance skills 3. A desire to strengthen their professional repertoire Conclusion. The reason for knowledge-utilization seems to encompass both instrumental and conceptual purposes. This area is in need of further exploration.


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