Visual dialogue: A drawn conversation about the city of Fez


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Synnyt/Origins. Finnish Studies in Art;2


Aalto University

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The visual essay with moving images, see the link below to the video “Visual Dialogue Fez”, is an invitation to the viewer to approach the urban experience given by the female participant of this project. She narrates and at the same time draw the city of Fez, which she moved to, from Norway, some years ago. This video exposes and con- nects multiple strata of meaning, emerging from the intra-action between different actors: as between the participant and her imagined city of Fez, the participant and her drawing act, and he participant and me as researcher. This written essay relates the background and the context of the project, grounded on my interest in urban experience articulated by persons with more than one urban reference. This written essay is also a short reflection on research design involving arts- based research and how the data/material collected and produced affect me, and in return how this affect has in impact (effect) on the video produced during this project.




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