Virtual storytimes: implementing dialogic reading into children’s digital libraries


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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Joint Master Degree in Digital Library Learning (DILL)


Early literacy skills in children are an important factor for later academic success. In particular, preschool years is profound in providing children reading skills that serve as a bridge to formal learning in school. Today many parents, educators, teachers, librarians are using digital reading along with the traditional book reading. The purpose of this research is to asses the impact of a virtual storytime in a realtime with a librarian on preschool children’s (aged 36) oral language development. The study revealed t hat there was an increase in younger children’s vocabulary, however, it is difficult to keep them focused in virtual storytime. For older group of children the results showed an increase in elaboration of ideas and syntax. In addition, older children found this method of learning enjoyable.


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