Virtual Reality Simulators in the Process Industry. A Review of Existing Systems and the Way Towards ETS


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Simulator training with Virtual Reality Simulators deeply engages the operators and improves the learning outcome. The available commercial 3D and Virtual Reality Simulator products range from generic models for laptops to specialized projection rooms with a great variety of different audiovisual, haptic, and sensory effects. However, current virtual reality simulators do not take into account the physical and psychological strain involved in field operators’ work in real process plants. Collaborative training using Extreme Environments Training Simulators could enhance the learning process and provide a more realistic perception of the time and effort needed to carry out demanding operations in Extreme Environments. We suggest developing the following features for an optimal ETS experience and safe learning environment: immersive 3D virtual environments, mixed-reality features, automated assessment, and a monitoring system for the physiological and psychological condition of the trainees.




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