Velferdsteknologi og endringsprosesser (artikkel 1). Noen utfordringer ved innføring av velferdsteknologi. En empirisk studie ( artikkel 2)


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i læring i komplekse systemer


In today`s society technology is a big part of our daily life. During recent, healthcare has integrated technology as help and security for employers and patients. When society and technology are changing organizations have to change as well. Organizations have to keep up with these changes to help an increased population of the elderly and the disabled in their homes with their needs and wishes. These changes imply that the efficiency in the organization will be higher; security for patients gets better, and it is possible for the elderly and the disabled to live more independent and longer in manageable homes. For that to happen, there must be changes in working conditions; changes in learning new tools for monitoring sensors and more efficient. It is also important that the employees are involved in the changes and that they know at an early stage what the organization is thinking and what is necessary for the organization to do to maintain these changes. In article 1, I will present relevant theories and example from relevant projects. I will discuss some consequences of these rapid changes for working life. I will also discuss employee, motivation and involvement in health technology. Will support and involvement by management affect employee integration of technology? In article 2, I present results from survey conducted in 5 units in the organization. The organization gives healthcare to patients in institutions and in their homes. The main question I have looked further into is to see if there are connections between when employers get involved in technology projects and how it influences their motivation. The results are presented in an analysis and diagram for easier presentation.


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