Utsikt: Design av en bedre navigasjonsopplevelse ombord hurtigbåter.


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OsloMet - storbyuniversitetet. Institutt for produktdesign

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Master i produktdesign


The Norwegian coastline has always been an important transport route and a lot of passenger transportation today is done by high speed ferries. This type of vessel moves at a high speed and its navigation can therefore be challenging. To be able to carry out this task, navigators must be able to sustain their situation awareness in varied and ever-changing waters. Based on the Norwegian government´s research and innovation strategy for maritime industries, Maritim21, this master thesis aims to shed light on and map opportunities for new design solutions for high speed navigation in addition to exploring how future-orientated technology can make the solutions possible in the foreseeable future. After starting out with an extensive insight process focusing on situation awareness, high speed navigation, ship accidents and enabling technology, the following topic question was formulated: «How may design and technology contribute to shape tomorrow´s user experience in high speed navigation?» To answer the topic question an idea developement phase was carried out. This phase explored how various future-orientated technological solutions potentially could have aided in the prevention and/or reduction of damage in selected ship accidents. These ideas were then developed into a unified concept where artificial intelligence, alternative censor technology and augmented reality (AR) work together to create an improved user experience and heightened situation awareness.




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