Using learning exhibitions in teaching learning of food production: An Action Research project aimed at improving quality of graduates through skills development at the Hotel and Tourism training Institute Jinja, Uganda.


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for yrkesfaglærerutdanning

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


Hotel industry in Uganda had lost trust in our graduates because of their incompetence and low skills as compared to what the industry want. The purpose of this study was to improve skills development among learners of Hotel and Tourism Training Institute using learning exhibitions as a work place based learning strategy in teaching learning of food production. I based the theme of my study on the constructivist and community of practice theories with related literature. The study was a descriptive qualitative research design using an Action research approach involving the use of observation, guided interviews, audio and visual recording, and group discussions methods. I employed these to obtain and use data from the diploma in hotel management (2013) class whose age ranged between 21 and 32 both male and female students, food production Instructors (male) and hotel industry supervisors/managers. Learners developed skills during the learning exhibition projects they were highly involved among which included confidence, high attitude, self-control, communication among others basing on interviews with students and hotel managers. Their experience during the project motivated them to increase their involvement in learning. The project helped me, other instructors who participated learn our students more through interaction, working together, and it improved our practice as vocational teachers. Learning exhibition projects improved skills development among learners who participated. I would encourage my students and fellow teachers to use learning exhibition approach to improve skills development of our learners by making practical subjects more practical than classroom learning.




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