User communication, design methods study and cardiac compression board design


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Høgskolen i Akershus

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Master i produktdesign


This research project focused on the study of user communication and design methods. By ways of study the cardiac compression board (CPR board) design, the aim of this research is to finding some useful suggestion for the future design about user communication in order to improve design. The design of cardiac compression board was used in turn to be the embodiment of the possible design proposal. Based on the background research of the theory, medicine and product, research first explored and defined several key words; the combination of user-centered design, activity-centered design and genius design theory were applied in this project. Furthermore base on these three basic design theories, four modes of research methods were utilized in this project: ‘learn’, ‘look’, ‘ask’ and ‘try’. Each of these four modes has several specific methods. Those methods relative to the user communication and the particular product, CPR board, were picked out for this project and utilized in. All the process of applying those methods was documented in this thesis using as the evidence of the user communication for the design. The information from user communication formed the basic of the CPR board design; the activity analysis and the capacity of designer also play a very important place to make full use of the favorable factors to form an integrated design method. The CPR board design was based on the information collected from those four modes of research methods. All the details were tested and determined with user communication and base on the requirement from user communication. An evaluation was made to show the result of the design. It shows that the design proposal generally meet the requirements and further proof that the design methods was appropriate for this project. In the last chapter, the findings from the research process were listed and argued hoping to help the future research on user communication. The suggestion for future research was also list in this chapter


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