Understanding the role of local communities in forest concessions management: a participatory forest management initiative in South Sudan


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i yrkespedagogikk


This research project is a Participatory Forest Management initiative aiming at understanding the role of local communities with emphasis on their participation in the management of forest concession projects. Its long-term goal is Participatory Forest Management practices for the need of sustainable forestry in South Sudan. The research project was integrated and implemented through South Sudan forest concession work to support the development of South Sudan forest concession guidelines and agreement templates under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in partnership with the Norwegian Forestry Group, South Sudan Program. Its data was gathered through qualitative research approaches including the focus groups, use of questionnaires, interviews and observations. It was collaborative and inclusive work in which the local communities, government officials and the concessionaires participated. The results of this research project answered its guiding questions and produced a comparative data. The role of local communities brought successful achievements in their development and peaceful co-existence of local people and concessionaires in the local communities who were involved through participatory approach in the management of those projects. However, the role of local communities impacted negatively on forest concession projects in which their participation on decision-making process during agreements was neglected


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