Tradeoffs in combining domain-specific and generic skills' practice in minecraft in social studies in teacher education


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CEUR Workshop Proceedings;Vol-2101; Cultures of Participation in the Digital Age 2018


CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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In this paper, we describe our efforts to combine generic (domain general) and domain-specific skills’ practice in the same digital learning environment. We have implemented part of the social studies subject curriculum for lower secondary education in Norway (grades 8 to 10) in Minecraft for preservice teacher education. By leveraging Minecraft’s affordances for block building and roleplaying, we have created the first version of an integrated learning environment. We conducted a pilot study in an undergraduate preservice teacher education program and discuss our findings by drawing on empirical data collected from 60 student teachers, using observations, questionnaires, and interviews. Our preliminary findings suggest that the student teachers perceive the use of Minecraft in their teaching as a possible threat to domain-specific knowledge. They also consider generic skills such as design and collaboration important and see the potential in Minecraft as a new way of reaching their students.




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