TITTE - en oppdagelseslykt utviklet for Blafre.


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. Institutt for produktdesign

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Master i produktdesign


This thesis has been written as part of the Master’s Degree at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences in the department of product design, spring 2016. The thesis is made in cooperation with Blafre and have resulted in a light object for kids that will become a part of their product range. The thesis includes different methods and theories of how the product can encourage to activity and exploring, as well as having tactile and functional features. Title: TITTE – an exploring torch developed for Blafre. Research question: How to develop a light object for Blare that relates to their values and how the products tactile and functional features can encourage to activity and to create adventures through use? Method and theory: The thesis has explored how highlighting Blafre’s history and values can be guidelines for a company’s further product development. A method for history telling, Transmedia Storytelling (Jenkins, 2008), is used a guidance for the whole project. The theories Context of Experience (Moestue and Gulden, 2011) and Consumer Product Attachment (Schifferstein and Zwartkruis-Plegrim, 2008) sets the criteria’s for how to design for product longevity and are the basis for the thesis. As a starting point for gathering inspiration the company Blafre themselves is used. Blafre, their values and product range are used to develop a design probe (Mattelmäki, 2006) and establishing visions and metaphors (Lerdahl, 2007). These methods and theories have collectively resulted in a design process consisting of both 2D- and 3D-sketches, form development, rapid prototyping and production drawings. Conclusion: The thesis has resulted in TITTE – an exploring torch developed for Blafre. The torch is a result of a close dialog with Blafre and a process of history telling through products based on the company and their universe. Blafre and their product range was the basis for gathering inspiration. Through use of different theories and methods for creating an increased connection between the user and the products, the product has features, functions and shape that encourages to activity, tactility and to create adventures through use.


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