The Hilbert Scheme of Buchsbaum space curves


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Annales de l'Institut Fourier;62


Association des Annales de l'Institute Fourier

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We consider the Hilbert scheme H(d,g) of space curves C with homogeneous ideal I(C):=H_{*}^0(\sI_C) and Rao module M:=H_{*}^1(\sI_C). By taking suitable generizations (deformations to a more general curve C') of C, we simplify the minimal free resolution of I(C) by e.g. making consecutive free summands (ghost-terms) disappear in a free resolution of I(C'). Using this for Buchsbaum curves of diameter one (M_v \ne 0 for only one v), we establish a one-to-one correspondence between the set \sS of irreducible components of H(d,g) that contain (C) and a set of minimal 5-tuples that specializes in an explicit manner to a 5-tuple of certain graded Betti numbers of C related to ghost-terms. Moreover we almost completely (resp. completely) determine the graded Betti numbers of all generizations of C (resp. all generic curves of \sS), and we give a specific description of the singular locus of the Hilbert scheme of curves of diameter at most one. We also prove some semi-continuity results for the graded Betti numbers of any space curve under some assumptions.




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