The Dirac operator on compact quantum groups


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Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik;2010 (641)


Walter de Gruyter

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For the q-deformation Gq, 0 < q < 1, of any simply connected simple compact Lie group G we construct an equivariant spectral triple which is an isospectral deformation of that defined by the Dirac operator D on G. Our quantum Dirac operator Dq is a unitary twist of D considered as an element of UgnClðgÞ. The commutator of Dq with a regular function on Gq consists of two parts. One is a twist of a classical commutator and so is automatically bounded. The second is expressed in terms of the commutator of the associator with an extension of D. We show that in the case of the Drinfeld associator the latter commutator is also bounded.


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