The changing professional image of librarians : focusing on the job positions of digital librarians in academic libraries in the United States of America


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Høgskolen i Oslo. Avdeling for journalistikk, bibliotek- og informasjonsfag

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Joint Master Degree in Digital Library Learning (DILL)


This content analysis study sought to gauge the technology-induced changing image of librarians in the context of digital environment of academic libraries in the USA via their job titles, responsibilities and qualifications as found in three online mailing lists (, ALA JobLIST and Juju job search engine). The findings revealed that technological knowledge and skills/experience were the most frequently required/preferred of the 8 ALA’s Core Competences of Librarianship. It equally revealed that master’s degree in LIS or its equivalent was the overwhelmingly required qualification, that more than two-third of the ads required academic or digital library experience, and that the most frequently mentioned non-technology competences/experience included interpersonal and communication, knowledge organization, digital collection management and project management skills as well as the ability to work independently and collaboratively. Implications for prospective digital librarians as well as for library educators/schools were discussed.


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