Tersus be prepared: How to make a cleaning product with a simple and attractive refill system


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Høgskolen i Oslo

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Master i produktdesign


This report shows the process up to and including the result of the Tersus project. Tersus, meaning clean, is a detergent spray bottle. It has a refillable water chamber and a system using compressed gas and high concentrated cleaning agent capsules to give the user access to which ever type of detergent he or she wants at the time. A bottle contains 4 different capsules simultaneous. The user can change between these at any time without having to refill the water tank, since the detergent is mixed right before it exits through the bottles nozzle. The project is based on a an idea of diminishing the required size of a product with a compound liquid content by using high concentrated capsules. The goal of the project was to make a cleaning product using capsules as a refill solution to make the refill option simpler and more attractive. This report includes concept development, design drawings, engineering schematics and marketing strategies for making the Tersus -system and -brand a success


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