Taking the initiative: determinants of parental self-referral to the Norwegian Child Welfare Services


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Nordic Social Work Research;Volume 7, Issue 3


Taylor & Francis

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This study investigates determinants of self-referral to the Child Welfare Services among parents in Norway. Increasing the rates of self-referral can ensure earlier intervention and assistance to more children and parents in need. Despite this, few studies have investigated such rates. The present study uses registry data, consisting of everyone receiving assistance from the Child Welfare Services between 2008 and 2010. Of particular interest is migration background and poverty, as recent literature find that these are factors pertinent to the interaction between, and perceptions of, the Child Welfare Services and parents. The main finding is that Norwegian-born parents who receive measures more often self-refer. One explanation discussed is whether this difference is due to different levels of trust in the Child Welfare Services.




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