Strukturerende virkemidler - En narratologisk undersøkelse av muntlig


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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i estetiske fag


Since the early beginnings of human existence we have shared narratives with each other; from ancient cave paintings to the stories that we share from our everyday life by facebook statuses or the movies we watch on Netflix. Even though oral story telling is assumed to be the first medium of these narratives, according to historians, it has only recently been admitted into the Norwegian educational system. In this master thesis I shall examine this expressive art form in the light of the science of narratives; narratology. Narratology is in the context of this thesis, briefly summarized, a human science that seeks to interpret what is depicted in a narrative, and how this is done. It is common to apply the diconomy story level and discourse level on a narrative, where the first term corresponds with what and the latter one with how. Further the theory of narratolgy offers categories of devices to understand and to sort out what from the story level that is represented on the discourse level of the narrative, and how it´s done. When the discursive articulation through this process of representation is done, the narrative is ready to be manifested in a medium. In this thesis I attempt to discover how "Krigsfortellinger", as a representaive of the art of oral story telling, relates to different categories presented in narrative theory. The theoretical framework is mainly based on the perspectives of Seymour Chatman and Gèrard Genette, who are both described as structuralists in the field of narratology. Through hermeneutic interpretation I shall perform a narratological analysis where I examine "Krigsfortellingers" application of narrative effects.


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