Slow Fashion in the sports apparel industry


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The Design Society

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Overconsumption of natural resources is a vicious circle as we harvest more from nature than it can replace at its natural pace. This overconsumption is a result of the consumer society’s insatiable need for new products, which, in turn, has a number of negative effects on the environment and society. This paper addresses the designer’s responsibility to find sustainable solutions, as approximately 80% of the environmental impact of products is determined during the design phase. One method used to reduce consumption is the theory of slow fashion. Few studies have been done on this subject related to the sports industry. The research question is, therefore, as follows: How can the theory of slow fashion influence designers to make sports apparel more sustainable? The methods used were three case studies and an in-depth interview. The case studies were carried out in three different contexts. These were the companies Patagonia, Inc., Norrøna AS and Plusminusnoll Outdoor AB. The results of this research show that applying this theory in all three companies could potentially improve their products. This paper can contribute to a better understanding of slow fashion and inspire designers, businesses and consumers to lessen their consumption and improve social conditions


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