Scandinavian cooperation in teaching a joint Master’s course on e-books


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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Osijek, Croatia Osijek

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Purpose. The aim of the paper is to share the experience of collaboration among Scandinavian iSchools in creating and implementing a joint course. Methodology.The authors explore their own activity and documentation produced in relation to the collaboration around the development and implementation of the advanced course on e-books. Results.The results of the collaboration are expressed in terms of new experience, knowledge, and implementation of a new course on the advanced level for library and information science students. The results of the paper generalize these experiences and present the challenges and lessons learned in the process of collaboration.Originality/Practical implications. The paper presents a workable administrative model for cross-national joint courses. In addition, it outlines design and teaching methods for a Master’s course on e-books for library and information science students.Conclusion.A joint course with a shared syllabus and cross-national teacher teams gives added value to the students by getting the best out of the combined expertise. Administrative details should be implemented locally at the collaborating universities rather than try to standardise everything.




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