Responsiveness of Offshored Clinical Trials among Women in the Philippines


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OsloMet - Storbyuniversitetet

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Master i International Social Welfare and Health Policy


The state of responsiveness of the offshored clinical trials in the Philippines on the health needs of Filipino women is a quantitative research using the feminist standpoint as the theoretical framework. To test for responsiveness, conditions on both offshored clinical trials and the health needs of Filipino women are the main indicators which are subcategorised by death, premature death/years of life lost (YLL), morbidity/years lived with disability (YLD), neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), maternal conditions, and specific conditions affecting Filipino women. The results and findings obtained are then analyzed on Filipino women, men, and the general population. This study used descriptive analysis describing distributions using proportions and percentages, rates and ratios, and frequencies in the data obtained from 1) and 2) from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. An in-depth analysis on validating/invalidating the state of responsiveness of offshored clinical trials to the health needs of Filipino women that highlights the case ‘65 clinical trials on diabetes mellitus’, conditions that cause death and morbidity that mostly affect Filipino women, maternal conditions, neglected tropical diseases, and female/male-specific conditions. The implication of the concept ‘responsiveness’ is also discussed based on the results and findings, but also as a concept itself based on the definitions attached to it by the different international organizations. The health status of Filipino women and the conditions that affect them will be analyzed by incorporating the principles of feminism.




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