Remediation of print: On the current restructuration of higher education


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Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal;6(3)


Hong Kong Bao Long Accounting & Secretarial Limited

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The educational establishment was built and structured on a communication pattern at the core of the Gutenberg Galaxy that combines the spoken word with printed and handwritten resources. The current digitization of text is a pacesetter for retooling the workplace in the "industries of signs", for replacing skills on a broad scale and for developing new formal and informal social relationships. In addition to technological developments, a strong driver of this process is the cost of the mainly manual modes of academic operation. Core inhibitors to change are century-old traditions embedded in brick-and-mortar institutions, the impossibility of enforcing industrial-type organization on knowledge work and an elitist and scholastic bent in the academic concept of self. The field is thus in need of a new Grammar of Schooling that reflects technologically and socially driven participation modes that better address educational needs and cost considerations. The educational institution is challenged to develop a new logic of production in its educational mission.



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