Regulatory Intermediaries: The Role of Interest Organizations in Supporting Web Accessibility Policy Implementation.


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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics;Volume 256: Transforming our World Through Design, Diversity and Education


IOS Press

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This article explores how interest organizations, including non-profit and commercial service providers, act as intermediaries to support the implementation of regulations for web accessibility. Web accessibility policies promote the usability of web content for persons with disabilities. Previous research on relational regulation has focused on the bidirectional relationship between regulators and private enterprises in managing compliance. However, this research has yet to examine the complex relationships that emerge when interest organizations act as intermediaries between private enterprises and regulators. Previous research demonstrates that intermediaries translate and adjust legal obligations in practice. This article demonstrates that interest organizations in the United Kingdom, United States and Norway translated and adjusted legislation and standards to demonstrate the commercial value of compliance. This article extends previous research by suggesting that interest organizations act as intermediaries to support policy implementation and manage compliance.




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