Putting your money where your mouth is: monetizing knowledge using communication roles


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European Conference on Knowledge Management;15


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In this paper we suggest that knowledge flows constitute the antecedences of value creation by means of its communication component. We bridge accounting theory with communication theory and explain how the role of communication is instrumental in capturing the knowledge value and allows for a connection with monetary value. Knowledge is increasingly accepted as a source of value creation and a differentiator between firms. Building on the perspective of knowledge as a flow, and postulating that value is based on knowledge use – rather than knowledge possession – this paper address the research question: How can we express knowledge in such a way that it can be monetized and opened up for specific managerial interventions? Extant literature on organizational communication roles emphasizes the role of boundary-spanners in search and combination of experience and tacit knowledge. Individual nodes in the organizations network can possess knowledge. However, to be valuable the knowledge resources need to be deployed and utilized. The use of knowledge will involve the communication of this knowledge through ties to other nodes. The paper proposes that the boundary-spanning roles provide the focal point for such monetization efforts. The contribution of this paper is five propositions for future research on how management accounting and control systems can be brought to bear in their governable and calculable aspects if communication functions are given more attention.


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