Purchasing Policy or Purchasing Police? The Influence of Institutional Logics and Power on Responses to Purchasing Formalization


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Seeking to benefit from higher levels of purchasing maturity, many organizations strive to formalize their purchasing practices. Why these practices are not adopted by certain organizations or for certain types of purchases is less well understood , however . It has been argued that the purchasing of knowledge - intensive services is particularly difficult to formalize, but an in - depth understanding of the inter - and intra - organizational dynamics influencing this process is lacking. This study contributes to th e purchasing and supply management literature by providing a fine - grained understanding of how actors respond to formalization initiatives. Building on an exploratory interview methodology and using institutional logic and power theory as foundations, we s how that formalization initiatives lead to institutional complexity and conflicts. Sets of strategies and counterstrategies for how to deal with the complexity and conflicts are identified , and relational power is found to moderate which strategy is used b y the actors. Based on the empirical findings, a conceptual model is developed to describe the response process.




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