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Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

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Master i produktdesign


On Art Art, in its broadest sense, includes all human activities - carried out individually or collectively - that leads to creative forms of aesthetic expression, relying on technical, innate abilities and behavioural rules derived from study and experience. At its today’s art is closely related to the ability to convey emotion, so the artistic expressions, while aiming to transmit “messages”, not a real language, as it does not have a clear code shared between all users, but instead are interpreted subjectively. [ ] On Design In a larger sense for design means all stages of planning and scheduling of a set of activities that will lead to an expected result, which can be achieved in a total, partial or even be missed. Ultimately therefore almost all human activities occur, more or less effectively, to a design that means, strategies and actions necessary to achieve certain targets Nowadays the English word Design includes both aesthetic and technical aspects of industrial design. [ ] Almost by definition the function of Art is to create an emotional reaction departing from an individual perception of events, culture, identity. And that’s imply that the function of Art can be philosophical, as well as political or social. In the contrary the function of an Industrial designed objects is mostly practical and aim to achieve an artefact that “works”. In my research I would like to attempt a product that contains both artistic and Design qualities in symbiosis with each other starting from a no functional input. Where is the border in between artistic expression and practical function? How can I express both qualities in one object? What if a product also contains features that are not necessarily related to its prime function but encourage a different perspective , a no precise function that can be used subjectively? The starting point will be an existing project called Embrace. Embrace is a lounge chair that attempted to explore those questions without fully investigating them. In fact Embrace has many inconsistencies that make the project incomplete and undefined. Those conditions are ideal to test my new research questions . The idea is to take this early project and go backward in through its designing process and try to enhance the already existing inner qualities but also add external inputs. Eventually Embrace will be considered a new project and its function and meanings should be improved and/or modified. Embrace will became project E


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